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Ikigai Corporation Company provides APIs, pharmaceutical excipients and specialty chemicals.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) determines the active component which is included in the medicine. This link includes a list of (APIs) that are available via us.


Pharmaceutical intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are chemical compounds that create the structure segments of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).


Pharmaceutical Excipients

An overview of the classes of the raw materials used in pharmaceutical manufacturing e.g. bulking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, preservatives, flavors, etc.


Company Profile/ Who we are?

Ikigai is one of the leading suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical ingredients and other raw materials in PRC.

Our experienced team of professionals distributes raw materials to all corners of the world and has a well-established presence in the global market. Working both locally and internationally, we are well-positioned to support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. As a reliable and competent supplier of quality APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, excipients, and specialty chemicals to various industries, we are able to partner with companies in their goal of improving patients’ outcomes through the availability of quality and efficacious products.

At Ikigai Corporation Company, we place customer needs at the forefront. With our reliable, experienced team you can feel secure that we will meet your needs to the highest standard. We aim to make an impact on manufacturing businesses by improving your access to cost-effective raw materials. Ikigai Corporation Company provides APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, and specialty chemicals.


We are able to offer our customers very competitive pricing because we work hard to source low cost, high quality APIs and intermediates while offering top supply chain services.

Reliable Partner

We are a customer-centric organization, we build our processes and company culture around meeting the needs of the customer.

Personalised services

We get to know our clients’ businesses inside out so that we can provide tailored high-value consultancy. Our consultants are passionate about building productive business relationships based on communication, support, mutual trust, and respect.

Pharmaceutical experts

A team of more than 350 experts with decades of collective experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Quality products

Carefully selected raw materials manufactured using GMP-compliant and innovative methods.


Excellent services through innovative process technology. Rich catalog of APIs, intermediates, and excipients.


Industries Served

We serve a wide range of businesses worldwide including pharmaceutical, agriculture and FMCG industries.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ikigai Corporation Company’s major specialty is the pharmaceutical industry. With an ever-expanding product catalogue, we currently supply over 80 Active pharmaceutical ingredients to pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as a wide range of pharmaceutical intermediates and excipients.


We are also highly sought out by the agricultural industry who look to us for chemical supplies for their various agricultural applications. We are partners with manufacturers of specialty chemicals. This means we can source high-quality agrochemicals and specialty chemicals for our customers in the Agricultural Industry.


The chemical needs of the FMCG industry are diverse and complex. To keep up with these complex demands, Ikigai Corporation Company maintains strategic and vast relationships with chemical manufacturers in Asia and all around the globe. Through these relationships, we are able to be a valuable resource for the FMCG industry.