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Why Choose a Career in Pharmaceuticals?

The pharmaceutical industry is an incredibly fast-growing industry, and as a consequence, it can be very well paid.

In 2006, 3.64 million people were working within the industry. By 2016, that number had risen to 5 million.

In 2001, the entire industry was worth $390 Billion. In 2018, that number had risen to $1.2 Trillion. Figures from 2019 suggest that by the end of 2021, it will be worth $1.4 trillion.

The resilience and importance of the pharmaceutical industry mean that even during times of financial crisis, the industry is strong. Evidence of this can be found in the investments for research and development.

Due to the huge variety of companies within the pharmaceutical industry, there is plenty of opportunity for career growth. These companies tend to exist in clusters, usually in populated geographical areas such as Hong Kong, SAR PRC.

Whilst certain careers within the pharmaceutical industry may require a particular degree, others do not, so don’t think that your lack of a degree is automatically a barrier.

Plenty of skills from other industries such as engineering, manufacturing, and technical skills are transferable to the pharmaceutical industry.

What Can I Do?

Listed below are a selection of some of the careers available within
the pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical Trials

Working in clinical trials will means that you are responsible for the effectiveness and safety of the medicine. Your role will be to perform studies and experiments to test these two factors.

Research & Development

This role is usually performed within a laboratory. The roles of researchers and developers could be to identify new molecules for drugs, improving current drugs, or packaging known molecules into new drugs.


This role is very hands-on and involves working with, and maintaining the machines that are used to create pharmaceuticals or their ingredients.

Quality Control

This is another role which is usually performed within a laboratory. Quality controllers are responsible for ensuring that any new drug or ingredient that goes on the market meets the standards and requirements that it needs too.
Working within this sector will usually require a scientific background.

Quality Assurance

The role of quality assurance is to eliminate variety from the same product within the manufacturing process. Each item that leaves any factory should always meet the company’s standards.
If a customers order 300 boxes of an item, they will want 300 identical boxes.


The regulation section is an office, paperwork based role.
Your job here will be to understand the laws and regulations applicable to the products country of origin and the final products country of purchase. It will be your responsibility to ensure all products meet these laws before they go onto the market.

Sales and Marketing

Another office based role, the role of someone working in sales and marketing can range from creating and purchasing space for advertisements and promoting the company’s products and services within the regulations of the company.


To ensure smoothness throughout the entire process, the operations team are tasked with making sure that the entire company is running smoothly. This includes logistics, supply chain, HR, finance, and warehouse.
Skills for this role can be obtained by working in a variety of different industries.


Company Culture

Ikigai Corporation Company takes huge pride in our staff. They truly are the backbone of our company. Without them, we would not have grown at the rate we have.

The skills, hard work, passion, and determination of those who work for us have enabled us to always meet our high standards and constantly be met with customer satisfaction.

Our products are used in a large variety of industries including, pharmaceutical, nutrition, biopharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Ikigai Corporation Company is made up of world-class professionals who are driven to source and distribute the best quality APIs and raw ingredients that they possibly can. We’re a company who is made up of normal people with a passion for solutions and making an impact. The types of people who we love are listed below.

  • Entrepreneurial forward thinkers
  • Self-starters
  • Innovators

Our work culture is built upon our three core principles of work, passion, and hard work. And we always aim to keep our working environment positive and motivational.

The growth and development of our employees is a key priority for us. And as an equal opportunities employer, we’re always looking for talented professionals who are just as determined as we are to meet our organizational goals.

If you would like to join our team, please explore our current opening to discover what’s available and how to apply.

Why Work for Us?

We are a new, dynamical, and progressive pharmaceutical company with a close-knit team & friendly team, and great communication. We also offer competitive remuneration as an effective incentive to all of our employees.

Personal contact between employees and supervisors is maintained at all times.

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