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Ordering Details, Terms, and Conditions

In this section, users and customers will be able to find the information that they require in regards to placing an order. Ikigai Corporation recommends that the terms and conditions are read and understood before placing an order.

Ordering Information

Order Information

Order Status

Once the order has been successfully made, Ikigai Corporation Company will send a copy of the order confirmation through the medium of email. Listed in the paragraph located underneath this paragraph is the order of progress for placing an order with Ikigai Corporation Company.

Waiting for payment. At this stage, Ikigai Corporation Company is waiting for the customer’s bank or building society to transfer the funds from the customer to the merchant (Ikigai Corporation Company).

Order confirmed. This is the first point at which the customer will be unable to make any changes whatsoever to their order as it will be logged onto the system.

Preparation in progress. the customer’s order is being manufactured in Ikigai Corporation’s machines or being prepared for delivery.

In transit. the customer’s items are the responsibility of the courier and are in the process of being delivered to the agreed location.

Completed. The customer will have received their order. Please contact us if this is not the case. The order’s status will be changed to “completed” within 5 working days of receiving the order.


Ikigai Corporation Company is in operation from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Whilst Ikigai Corporation Company aim to process all of the orders Ikigai Corporation receive within one working day, this is not a commitment Ikigai Corporation Company are liable to, and certain circumstances may lead to Ikigai Corporation Company taking a longer period of time than expected in regards to this process.

All orders placed on the weekend or a public holiday will be processed on the next working day.


Ikigai Corporation’s preferred if all payments were made using United States funds.

If a customer needs to process the order via Crypto Currency Ikigai Corporation Company have the facilities to be able to perform such as transaction, but this method of payment requires the customer to contact Ikigai Corporation beforehand to discuss the payment process.

The two most preferred methods of payment (for both the company and the majority of Ikigai Corporation’s customers) are Telegraphic Transfer or PayPal. Required details of these two methods will be provided upon the placement of an order. Also, any other payment method is available upon request.

Ikigai Corporation’s payments are NET 30 days. Therefore the payer is legally required to pay the full amount on or before the 30th day of the calendar month of the order’s dispatchment.

The FOB (free on board) of Ikigai Corporation is “Hong Kong SAR PRC” or any main port of PRC for bulk quantity. Once it left the port is has been dispatched from, Ikigai Corporation cannot be held liable to any issues in relation to the shipment of the customer’s product.

Any bank or transfer fees will not be included within the payment of the ordered products. Therefore, they cannot be deducted from the invoice amount.

Pricing updated 2020-03-31. Prices are subject to change without notice.



The majority of Ikigai Corporation’s products are available for Standard Overnight Delivery. However, there are certain products and circumstances where it will not be possible for this target to be met. Products ordered via Standard Overnight Delivery should be received by 3.30 the next working day.

Other shipping options will be considered on request, but due to Ikigai Corporation’s commitment to quality, Ikigai Corporation is unable to act upon such requests when the quality of the product will be jeopardized.

All freight charges will be prepaid on the order’s invoice. Please contact us to enquire for an estimate.


Information in regards to international shipping is available upon request. As with domestic shipping, freight charges will be prepaid on the invoice.

Aspects or events which are not the responsibility of Ikigai Corporation Company.

Listed below are aspects of the process or circumstances which Ikigai Corporation Company cannot be held liable for. In the event of an issue in relation to the below, or any circumstance in which delay or alternation is caused by a third party, Ikigai Corporation Company will be unable to be held responsible.

Ikigai Corporation’s freedom from responsibility will be maintained until the end of the period at which the disruption has occurred.

  • Strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action
  • Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether war declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
  • Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disasters
  • Delay caused by any third party in the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport, or other means of public or private transport
  • Delay or any disruption of services due to the use of public or private telecommunication networks
  • The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.


Ikigai Corporation’s returns process is made up of two steps.

1. Returning the customer’s items.

In order for Ikigai Corporation Company to be able to follow through with processing the customer’s request, Ikigai Corporation Company requires the customer to provide Ikigai Corporation with several pieces of information in order to understand the reason for the customer’s request and how Ikigai Corporation can improve Ikigai Corporation’s products and services in the future. These are listed below.

  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Product Name
  • Product Quantity
  • Reason for Return
  • Photograph of the items.

2. Ikigai Corporation will provide the customer’s monetary refund via the same means that the items were originally paid for in. Ikigai Corporation Company is unable to provide cash refunds to Ikigai Corporation’s customers.

The period of time it will take the customer’s refund to be processed and delivered into the customer’s bank account will be determined by the bank that was originally used to make the original purchase. To enquire how long this period of time will consist of, please contact the customer’s issuing bank.


The majority of products that Ikigai Corporation offer in Ikigai Corporation’s catalogue are only available for bulk purchase. To enquire for a price, please contact Ikigai Corporation’s sales department.

Use of research products

The products in this catalogue have been designed and manufactured for three specific purposes. Ikigai Corporation high recommends that Ikigai Corporation’s products are not used for any purpose other than the three intended purposes. These purposes are listed below.

  • Laboratory research
  • Analytical use
  • Professionally Licenced Manufacturing

None of the products that Ikigai Corporation designs, manufactures, or ships are designed for direct consumption by homo-sapiens or any other member of the animal kingdom. The direct consumption of Ikigai Corporation’s products could result in sickness, medical complications, or death.

All of the products produced by Ikigai Corporation should only be used by a trained and qualified professional or those who are working under the direct supervision of somebody who meets the requirements of working with such products.

Required information about the products will be provided on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This information sheet will be provided with all of Ikigai Corporation’s products, and it provides the customer with information about the chemical composition and other relevant information.

This data sheet should be available for anyone who is or will be working with the products Ikigai Corporation Company has provided. If a customer requires copies of the datasheet, they can contact customer services.

Creating copies of any MSDS must be done within the boundaries of the law of the government the research or manufacturing is being performed in, and altering the information is strictly forbidden.

Purity Specifications

All of the products provided by Ikigai Corporation will have undergone extensive analysis prior to shipping. For a copy of the analysis report of the purchased products, customers are able to make a request.

Limitation of Liability

The only aspect of the process and the customer’s relationship with the company that Ikigai Corporation is responsible for is the product. Ikigai Corporation is not responsible for any of the events or circumstances that are listed below.

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of business
  • Profits
  • Contracts which do not directly involve Ikigai Corporation
  • Loss of data
  • Breach of contract
  • Waste of time

In all of the above-mentioned circumstances, Ikigai Corporation cannot be held liable, regardless of the presence of a lack of presence of foresight from either Ikigai Corporation or the customer.


If a customer has any enquiry relating to any order they have purchased on/through the Site, please contact us via contact form.


The terms and conditions of Ikigai corporation e-Commerce, together with the Terms of Use, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy are in accordance with the current laws created by the government of Hong Kong SAR, PRC.

In the event of any legal dispute between Ikigai Corporation and a customer, the final verdict will be decided by the courts of Hong Kong SAR, PRC who has complete jurisdiction in such an event.

Important Note

Ikigai Corporation Company takes pride in maintaining Ikigai Corporation’s high standards in regards to the quality of Ikigai Corporation’s products and services. Ikigai Corporation also takes pride in upholding the principles which are listed below.

  • Excellence
  • Quality in Ikigai Corporation’s business planning, administration, customer service and supply chain.
  • Accountability
  • Ikigai Corporation Company has a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  • Sustainability
  • Building sustainable processes for all Ikigai Corporation’s operations.


At Ikigai Corporation, we do the right thing the right way. In addition to conforming to quality standards, we uphold the following principles:


Quality in our business planning, administration, customer service and supply chain.


We have a sense of responsibility towards our environment.


Building sustainable processes for all our operations.