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Ikigai Corporation Company Values and Respects Your Privacy

Values & Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our site. The Ikigai Corporation values each visitor and respects their privacy.

At the Ikigai Corporation we understand and respect the importance of protecting our customers’ personal information and purchasing history.

In our Privacy Policy, readers will be informed how the Ikigai Corporation collects and shares information about its customers. Therein, it details the rights and or options that customers can make.

Please note that the “personal information” referenced in this Privacy Policy means “personal data” as that term is defined under the European Union (“EU”) General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) and its United Kingdom (“UK”) GDPR counterpart. If a customer is located within the jurisdiction of the European Union, the Ikigai Corporation will not be able to collect or share any information without consent, as per GDPR guidelines.

If you are an individual from the European Economic Area, the UK or Switzerland, please note the legal basis upon which the Ikigai Corporation collects and uses your personal information will depend on the personal information collected and the specific context in which collected. The Ikigai Corporation will collect personal information from you only where we have your consent to do so, when your personal information is essential to perform a contract with you, or where the processing is in our legitimate interests.


the Ikigai Corporation collects information about its customers and website users for the purpose of improving the overall user experience. This information enables the Ikigai Corporation to maintain high standards and reach its desired levels of customer satisfaction.

The Ikigai Corporation tracks the preferences and interests of each user so that the Ikigai Corporation can provide information and make developments that will best suit the interests of the customers (or potential customers) desires and requirements. The information that the Ikigai Corporation collects and records will also be used in order to perform traffic analysis for its website.

Any information that the Ikigai Corporation acquires will be kept safe and never shared with any third-party website or corporation unless the sharing is done in strict accordance with the policies listed below.

Users with queries about its privacy policy can find contact details on its website.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement covers user information which has been collected and used by the Ikigai Corporation. This information is always stored safely and will never be passed onto any third parties unless doing so will not violate its policies and is done in the best interest of the customer and or required by law. However, the Ikigai Corporation cannot guarantee how any third parties will collect, share, and handle the same information.

The Ikigai Corporation website has links imbedded which redirect users (and customers) to websites provided by third-party corporations. These corporations may not have the same privacy policies as the Ikigai Corporation and therefore we strongly urge users to read through their privacy policies, as the Ikigai Corporation’s Privacy Policy does not extend to any external link.

The Ikigai Corporation encourages users to proceed with caution, particularly when it comes to providing information to third-party corporations as the Ikigai Corporation cannot be held liable for misuse of information which has not been directly provided to us.

Any third-party websites may ask for personal information which may be the same and or different from the information provided to the Ikigai Corporation. Any similarity or difference in the information given to the Ikigai Corporation and any third-party website is inconsequential; our Privacy Policy will not any cover third-party websites or corporations, even those linked within the website.

Information Gathering

The Ikigai Corporation collects and uses personal information and purchase history data about customers and users in a variety of ways. This information will include, inter alia, email addresses and usernames.

This information will only be stored and used if it is voluntarily submitted by the customer or user. Users will need to submit this information if they wish to create an account or submit a registration form; in such an event the submission of such information will be mandatory.

Along with any personal information submitted, users may share their account handles (identifications) or information about their account on social media platforms. It is the sole responsibility of users if they wish to share such information on any social media platform(s). The Ikigai Corporation disclaims any responsibility for such action(s).

Additionally, personal information may be collected by the Ikigai Corporation when users create an account, submit a form, or post on its forum. Notably, third-party websites may also share personal information with the Ikigai Corporation if the customer or user has consented to them using their personal information.

Submission of Additional Information

Any additional information which has not been provided during the creation of an account, submission of a form, or posting on our forum will only need to be provided in the event of a purchase and subsequent delivery.

Such information will include payment details, processing details, and any address(es). This information is lawfully collected and stored for the purpose of improving services, the website, and providing any refund if the products do not meet the required standards.


Cookies are files that are written by web browsers and stored within the hard drive. Cookies can automatically track certain information such as IP address and websites visited. Due to the fact Cookies are tracked by the users’ web browser and not the Ikigai Corporation, the Ikigai Corporation cannot be held liable for misuse of any user Cookies performed by third-parties which have not received the Cookies directly from us.

Users can voluntarily refuse to allow Cookies to be tracked by simply clicking “Don’t allow” when asked. The Ikigai Corporation will always ask users for permission to track Cookies (via notification), whilst the tracking of Cookies is done within the interests of its customers and users, customers still maintain the right to refuse the tracking of Cookies.

The information collected from Cookies will be used to improve user experience by directing the user to appropriate products or services, so it is usually in the user’s best interest to allow Cookies.

The Cookies that the Ikigai Corporation uses and stores are listed below.

  • Functionality Cookies
  • Essential Cookies
  • Analytical Cookies
  • Performance Cookies

The purpose of the storage and usage of Cookies are listed below.

  • Options to share its pages across user’s preferred social media platforms
  • Increased safety and security against malware and spam
  • Tailored advertisements and content
  • Analysis of user behaviour, traffic and trends
  • Demographic information gathering
  • Remembering user preferences and information

Log Files

Log Files are files of information that are collected and logged by the website’s advertisement servers and web servers. This information includes URLs that have been requested, the browser used, and IPA addresses. This information is collected and tightly secured.

The purpose of the Ikigai Corporation collecting this information is to analyse traffic patterns. This information will enable the Ikigai Corporation to make improvements to its website and services.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons, also known as clear GIFs or Pixel Tags, are invisible images that are used for the purpose of user recognition, assessment of traffic pattern, and to measure user engagement.

Web Beacons are utilised by the Ikigai Corporation on emails and newsletters so that the Ikigai Corporation can be correctly informed about the number of recipients who open their emails and or those not receiving same.

There will also be a selection of third-party websites wherein the Ikigai Corporation will use Web Beacons whilst acting as third-parties to track leads and attempt to lead its leads onto its website where the Ikigai Corporation will be able to provide them with the correct products or services.

Real-Time Location Information

To benefit its customers and users, the Ikigai Corporation maintains the right to track information regarding the location of the users of the website. This information is collected from methods such as phone tracking and location services.

Whilst the Ikigai Corporation has the right to track the location of the users of its website, any user has the right to deny this information to the Corporation. If a user does not wish to share their location information with the Ikigai Corporation; click “deny” when asked would you like to give permissions for the Ikigai Corporation to track their location via notification.

Any information gathered through this channel is secured within encrypted database(s) and will never be shared by the Ikigai Corporation to any third-party unless legally required and or complying with a lawful demand.

Information from Third-Parties

The Ikigai Corporation may sometimes collect and use information which the Ikigai Corporation have received from third-parties. This information may be have been provided by one of the options listed below.

  • Social Media companies
  • Joint marketing partners
  • Demographic information providers
  • Public Databases

Any information that is received by any of the above sources will be held only by the Ikigai Corporation and never passed onto any third-party unless the Ikigai Corporation is legally required to do so.

The Ikigai Corporation uses this information to improve the customer and user experience.

Using the Collected Information

All the information collected and stored by the Ikigai Corporation will only ever be used for the purpose of improving our users experiences for both customers and website users alike. The Ikigai Corporation uses this information to help develop our website to respond more efficiently and improve the features therein.

The usage of any information provided by any person will always be used in accordance with the rules and regulations as outlined herein.

Tailoring Content and Advertisements

The Ikigai Corporation tailors advertisements to each user’s best interests and preferences. This can only be delivered by analysing users’ personal information and tracking the user’s engagement with the website. Therefore, our goal is the advertisements a user sees on the website will be relevant and or helpful.

User’s personal information can be used by the Ikigai Corporation to create advertisements that caters to a larger audience which the Ikigai Corporation will put on other websites, whereby the Ikigai Corporation will be acting as third-party advertisers.

Enabling Interactive Communication

The Ikigai Corporation uses data received from and about customers to enable the Ikigai Corporation to provide its users with notifications. These notifications consist of 3 mains mediums; e-letters, updates, and newsletters.

The content of such notifications may cater specifically for a particular customer, a general demographic (such as geographical location, or type of business), or to the wider public.

All information sent out will be done in the best interest of users. Deciding who the Ikigai Corporation may share this information with will be the responsibility of the user and or customer.

Enabling Communications from Third-Parties

In improving overall user experience, the Ikigai Corporation might ask permission from users to share certain information (such as email details) with third-parties.

This information will be commissioned out to the third-parties and it will enable these parties to provide their own leads with updates or promotions.

If a user has previously given consent for this information to be shared but decides to withdraw that consent, they will be able to unsubscribe from third-party updates.

Information Sharing

There may be circumstances where sharing certain information with third-parties is unavoidable. This will include companies who provide hosting services for the Ikigai Corporation’s website and financial entities that customers use to make purchases.

Any private information, such as payment processing, will only ever be lawfully shared with the relevant party and never with any other third-party. The Ikigai Corporation must share certain information with financial institutions to successfully process transactions.

Any survey provided for the Ikigai Corporation will be conducted by third-parties and users may refuse to take part in these surveys for any reason. These surveys might collect information such as names and email details. Whilst they might ask general geographic questions, they will not ask for a user’s specific address. The survey providers are forbidden from using any information they have been given for any purpose other than the improvement of the Ikigai Corporation’s website and or services.

The social media buttons that are displayed on the website are not accountable to the same Terms and Conditions as the Ikigai Corporation, and therefore the Ikigai Corporation recommends that users who use these sites read the Terms and Conditions therein, namely any social media platform they decide to share information about the Ikigai Corporation with.

Information Sharing with Advertisers

Whilst the Ikigai Corporation has a strict policy to never share personal information with third-parties unless the Ikigai Corporation has received consent from users or customers, the Ikigai Corporation is required to share certain information with advertisers on its website. This is because Ikigai Corporation website relies on advertisements to generate revenue.

The information the Ikigai Corporation provides will only ever consist of anonymous information such as the pages visited. The Ikigai Corporation will never share personal information such as name(s), address(es) or email details unless given direct consent by the user to do so.

Information Sharing with Legal Authorities

In some circumstances, the Ikigai Corporation might be legally required to share personal information with law authorities. This information may include any information that has been provided by any user or customer. The purpose of sharing this information may be, inter alia, in the event of an investigation of fraud or a judicial proceeding.

New Owners

If the Ikigai Corporation is purchased and under the ownership of new owners, all the information that users have provided will be transferred to the new owners as property within the parameters of a corporate sale. In this event, users will be notified and be able to read any Terms and Conditions, if applicable, that the new owners have set out.

The Ikigai Corporation recommends that all users read the new Terms and Conditions and understand how they differ from the current (thereafter previous) ones.

User consent will not be required for the new owners to receive personal information already provided.


At the Ikigai Corporation Company, security is our top priority. However, it is important for all users and customers to know, and understand, that all information provided can never be completely guaranteed to be kept safe.

Whilst the Ikigai Corporation makes the greatest of efforts to ensure the privacy of all of its users are strictly observed, inter alia the Ikigai Corporation has implemented appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss or alteration, or unauthorised or unlawful storage, processing, access or disclosure, the Ikigai Corporation may still experience events that are beyond its control.

Please contact us if you have any concerns in this regard and or feel your rights may have been breached.

Privacy of Children

The Ikigai Corporation will never store information about anyone under the age of 21. If a child (and or user) under the age of 21 has entered information into its website all the information will be automatically deleted from the database and the account will be terminated thereafter.

Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that all information (including that about age) is correct. The Ikigai Corporation cannot be held liable for receiving information that violates the Privacy of Children policy, including receiving incorrect information being provided (intentionally or unintentionally).

The Ikigai Corporation mandates that any minor under the age of 21 discuss with their parent or guardian before entering any information into its website whatsoever.

Please contact the Ikigai Corporation if a user is under the age of 21 so that the Ikigai Corporation can take the appropriate action.

Informing Users about Changes

In the event of any changes to its Terms and Conditions, users will be notified either via email and or via the website. For this reason, the Ikigai Corporation recommends that users regularly view the website and or check their emails so they can be kept up to date on the Terms and Conditions.

Please contact the Ikigai Corporation if any non-English translations of Terms and Conditions have been translated incorrectly so that the Ikigai Corporation are able to rectify the issue.


The Ikigai Corporation maintains the legal right to change its website’s content at any time. Regarding any such changes, the Ikigai Corporation is not required to give any notice to customers or potential customers.

The Ikigai Corporation also retains the right to change the products and services which the Ikigai Corporation provides.

The Ikigai Corporation is not liable if information from its website is relied upon and disclaims any responsibility for its accuracy or content.

All users hereby agree to indemnify the owners of the Ikigai Corporation, their affiliates, and employees from any liability (including attorney fees) related to a user’s use and or violation of the website and or services herein. This includes, but is not limited to any loss or damage as a direct or indirect consequence of reliance, transaction, download, usage, or interaction with the Ikigai Corporation and or their website or services.



At Ikigai Corporation, we do the right thing the right way. In addition to conforming to quality standards, we uphold the following principles:


Quality in our business planning, administration, customer service and supply chain.


We have a sense of responsibility towards our environment.


Building sustainable processes for all our operations.