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Our Technology

Technological superiority and innovation aimed at improving our processes and adding value for our customers.


Ikigai Corporation Company offers API and other chemicals. Through many recent initiatives, we’ve made major improvements to our technological processes and equipment. These projects have resulted in reduced cycle times, increased efficiency, reduced overall costs, and enhanced capacity. Our investors and customers are sharing the ensuing economic benefits.

API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. These are, to put it in the simplest terms, the chemicals that make pharmaceuticals perform the function they have been created and manufactured to perform, it’s because of APIs that when an individual takes medicine, it does what the individual has purchased it to do.

Ikigai Corporation Company has produced machinery that has a multitude of benefits for both customers and investors. These machines have helped Ikigai Corporation Company to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce the APIs, make the entire process more efficient, and enable Ikigai Corporation Company to sell them at lower prices.

During the early stages of most pharmaceutical companies, factors such as speed and scale can hinder a company’s growth. However, this stage is crucial as it needs to be used for determining the reactions, side effects, and quality of their products.

For this reason, most pharmaceutical companies will outsource the production of API.

This outsourcing means, that API manufacturers will need to more advanced technologies such as high containment facilities, a continuous flow of manufacturing, and be able to produce controlled substances. This is according to a recent Bloomberg report.

What Can Our Technological Platform Do?

Technology Capabilities

Our platform supports varied, multi-purpose services with vast capacities. It supports small- and large-scale operations, spanning production and development to marketing and supply. We work with multiple manufacturing locations and secure the supply chain with respect to quality and expenses through backward integration of key components.

Ikigai Corporation Company doesn’t alter services or standards based upon the size of a company, whether they’re a large scale company, or a small scale one. Ikigai Corporation Company only see companies who have demands they need to meet and customers they need to please. All of Ikigai Corporation’s Chemists and Engineers are dedicated to reaching ultimate customer satisfaction, and they’re always eager to use their skills and knowledge make this become a reality.

From the early stages when products are in the early stages of development, all the way to when they’re being produced on mass. Ikigai Corporation Company will be there to ensure that all Ikigai Corporation’s customers are efficiently supported.

All of Ikigai Corporation’s experts have years of experience. Combine them with Ikigai Corporation’s facility network, which enables Ikigai Corporation Company to give Ikigai Corporation’s customers quick results that are within a set budget and to the high standard that people expect from Ikigai Corporation Company, means that Ikigai Corporation Company has become a formidable force. Our quality guidelines are always with Ikigai Corporation, and they ensure that the routes Ikigai Corporation Company create are effective and scalable, and Ikigai Corporation’s control strategies are comprehensive.

That’s because Ikigai Corporation Company understands and respect the vitality of having a constant and reliable process that will always produce the results that pharmaceutical companies and their customers desire and require.

Ikigai Corporation Company understands that there’s more to the pharmaceutical industry than simply the ingredients within the pharmaceuticals. They require to be packaging, transportation, and documentation. That’s why in addition to developing, creating, and manufacturing the APIs, Ikigai Corporation Company also offers assistance with the packaging, logistics, and documentation.

If you would like to make any further enquiries about any of our products or services, including custom manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, or any of aspect of pharmaceuticals, Ikigai Corporation Company politely reminds you not to hesitate to contact us.

Quality Assurance

Ikigai Corporation’s hearts and minds are always dead set on the constant improvement of what Ikigai Corporation Company provides to customers. Because Ikigai Corporation Company highly values creating and maintaining long-term partnerships, Ikigai Corporation has policies and routines in place to ensure that what comes out of Ikigai Corporation’s manufacturing facility exactly matches what Ikigai Corporation’s customers have requested.

Regularly, Ikigai Corporation Company carries out inspections on Ikigai Corporation’s manufacturers quality system and equipment, production system, material system, lab control system, packaging, and labelling.

Because of this, Ikigai Corporation Company is able to deliver cost-efficient products within a timely manner. And whenever changes are made, Ikigai Corporation Company understands to have a duty to inform the customer.

Consistent Product and Process Improvement

In order for Ikigai Corporation’s customers to get the most out of their money, it’s a top priority that Ikigai Corporation educates suppliers about what customers are looking for, making sure what Ikigai Corporation receive lets Ikigai Corporation produce to the standard that Ikigai Corporation expect from ourselves.
There is no such thing as the perfect product or perfect process. But it’s Ikigai Corporation’s mission to keep on trying to achieve it.

A Highly Trained, Experienced Team

Ikigai Corporation has a team of staff with years of experience within a laboratory environment, this team involves experts in several fields including biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and other experts. All of Ikigai Corporation is always looking to improve both Ikigai Corporation’s products and production.
In order to ensure all of Ikigai Corporation’s staff fully understand what’s expected of them, when they first join, Ikigai Corporation put them on a quality training course. This course makes them understand the importance and how-to of complying with labelling, specification, and packaging.
And when Ikigai Corporation fails to meet Ikigai Corporation’s customers’ standards, Ikigai Corporation always listens to their feedback, and act upon it.

Our commitment to safety

There are no aspects of life where safety is not a priority. But this is particularly true in life or death situations, which receiving the correct medication can often be.
On the packaging of all of Ikigai Corporation’s products will have a certificate of analysis which will include the customer name, product name, test result, lot number (which Ikigai Corporation take extra care into making sure is correct), and any other relevant data.

Quality Claims

At Ikigai Corporation, Ikigai Corporation is dedicated to making sure Ikigai Corporation’s customers are getting the standard that they require. But on the rare occasions that Ikigai Corporation don’t meet their expectations, Ikigai Corporation does all that Ikigai Corporation can to rectify the issue.
Ikigai Corporation contacts the suppliers used to make sure they’re giving Ikigai Corporation products to the highest possible standards. And all of Ikigai Corporation’s returns will be kept separate from the products which are yet to leave the production facility.